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Q.E.M.F. funded research projects

Projects 2014–2016



Prof. dr. Jan Gettemans, PhD

Offsetting gelsolin degradation in a transgene mouse model by means of chaperone nanobodies


Prof. dr. Geert van Loo, PhD

Endoplasmic reticulum stress in autoimmune central nervous system inflammation and demyelination






Prof. dr. Marc Cruts, PhD and prof. Ilse Gijselinck

Integrative-Omics studies of frontotemporal lobar degeneration and related diseases


Prof. dr. Stefanie Dedeurwaerdere, PhD

Translocator protein expression in temporal lobe epilepsy: picturing a Janus face?


Prof. dr. Ann Massie, PhD and prof. dr. Ilse Smolders, PhD

System Xc- as a potential target for novel neuroprotective strategies: focus on parkinson's disease and its psychiatric comorbidities


Prof. dr. Serge N. Schiffmann

Basal ganglia's functions and disorders: from specific genes and signalling pathways to neuronal sub-populations


Prof. Pierre Vanderhaeghen, MD, PhD en dr. Anja Hasche

How to make cortical neurons: mechanisms, evolution and diseases

KU Leuven

Prof. dr. Claudia Bagni

CYFIP1–pathies: shared pathways in intellectual disabilities and psychiatric disorders


Prof. dr. Wim Robberecht

The ephrin axon repellent system in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis


Prof. dr. Etienne Olivier, PhD († 9 March 2016), prof. Julie Duque & dr. Alexandre Zénon

Parkinson's disease revisited: a new vision of basal ganglia functions in the context of the Parkinson's disease


Prof. dr. Jean-Noël Octave

Alteration of cholesterol turnover in Alzheimer disease: molecular mechanisms and therapeutic applications


Prof. Fadel Tissir, PhD

Shaping the nervous system: role of the planar cell polarity genes


Prof. dr. Pierre Maquet and dr. Christophe Phillips, ir

Decoding spontaneous mnemonic brain activity during post-training wakefulness and sleep using high-density EEG and electro-corticography


Dr. Laurent Nguyen, PhD and dr. Brigitte Malgrange

Deciphering the role of protein acetylation in primary ciliogenesis

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