Scientific committee

President of the scientific committee and scientific director

Prof. em. dr. Jean-Marie Maloteaux


Effective members:


Substitute members:


Foreign membres, independent experts:

  • Prof. em. Richard Frackowiak, MD, PhD
    Former director Dept Clinical Neuroscience in London – CHUV University Hospital Lausanne,
    Member of the Royal Belgian Academy of Medicine and the French National Academy of Medicine
  • Prof. Elek Molnár, MD, PhD, FHEA
    University of Bristol,
    Professor of Neuroscience
    International Director, Faculty of Life Sciences
    School of Physiology, Pharmacology and Neuroscience, Biomedical Sciences
  • Prof. Didier Leys MD, PhD
    University of Lille,
    Member of the French National Academy of Médicine
  • Prof. em. dr. Rob Voskuyl, MD, PhD
    University of Leiden,
    Dutch Expertise center for Epilepsy foundations in the Netherlands (SEIN)


Administrative secretary

Mr. Erik Dhondt


Regulation for the scientific committee of the Q.E.M.F.