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Universities having research projects supported by the Q.E.M.F.


Q.E.M.F. funded research projects

Projects 2011–2013



Prof. dr. Christophe Ampe

ß-actin in neural crest cell migration and brain development


Prof. dr. Geert van Loo, PhD

Study of the role of the NF-ĸB regulatory protein A20 in autoimmune central nervous system inflammation


Prof. dr. Marc Cruts, PhD

Molecular genetics and functional genomics of frontotemporal lobar degeneration


Prof. dr. Vincent Timmerman, PhD

Charcot-Marie-Tooth neuropathies: from genes to protein networks and disease mechanisms


Prof. dr. Ilse Smolders, PhD

Unveiling the role of the cystine/glutamate antiporter (system Xc-) in hippocampal functioning, mechanisms of epilepsy and its comorbidities: a new era for future drug treatment


Prof. dr. Eric Bellefroid

Role of DMRT transcription factors in the development of the cerebral cortex



Prof. dr. Serge N. Schiffmann

Roles of specific genes and neuronal populations in functions and disorders of basal ganglia


Prof. Pierre Vanderhaeghen, MD, PhD

From stem cells to cortical networks

KU Leuven

Prof. dr. Claudia Bagni

mRNA metabolism at synapses and spine remodeling: insights into fragile X, autism and Schizophrenia


Prof. dr. Danny Huylebroeck

Developmental origin of multiple defects of the nervous systems in Mowat-Wilson syndrome and its new insights for normal embryonic and adult neurogenesis


Prof. Fadel Tissir, PhD

Celsr genes in brain development and function


Prof. dr. Pierre Maquet

Characterization of human sleep/Wake regulation using multimodal functional imaging in populations stratified on the polymorphism of PERIOD3 gene


Dr. Laurent Nguyen, PhD

Unravelling the roles of lysine acetylation in neural development

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