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Q.E.M.F. funded research projects

Projects 2002–2004



Prof. dr. Christophe Ampe

Role and regulation of action binding proteins of the profilin, cofilin, b-thymosin and Ena/VASP families in actin filament dynamics during neuronal outgrowth


Prof. dr. Luc Leybaert, MD, PhD

Glio-Vascular calcium signaling and Neurovascular metabolic coupling in the brain





Prof. dr. Erik De Schutter

Experimental analysis of cerebellar coding


Prof. dr. Christine Van Broeckhoven, PhD, DSc

Understanding neurological diseases: a molecular genetic approach


Prof. dr. Guy Van Camp

Functional analysis of a gene for progressive sensorineural hearing impairment


Prof. dr. Eric Bellefroid

Notch signaling during vertebrate early neural development


Prof. dr. Massimo Pandolfo

Pathogenesis of cellular dysfunction and death in frataxin deficiency


Prof. dr. Marc Parmentier

Functional characterization of orphan G protein-coupled receptors expressed in brain


Prof. dr. Serge N. Schiffmann

Functions and dysfunctions of the Basal Ganglia and the Cerebellum in the control of motricity. Physiopathology of the enteric nervous system and interstitial cells in gastrointestinal motility


Prof. Pierre Vanderhaeghen, MD, PhD

Molecular and cellular mechanisms of development of neuronal connectivity in the cerebral cortex

KU Leuven

Prof. dr. Lut Arckens

Investigation of the molecular mechanisms of adult cortical plasticity in mammals using functional protemics


Prof. dr. Guy Orban

Processing of visual information in extrastriate cortex of human and non-human primates


Prof. dr. Wim Vandenberghe, MD, PhD

The functional neuroanatomy of naming, reading and knowing in the intact brain and in Alzheimer's disease


Prof. dr. Wim Vanduffel

Functional Magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) in awake behaving monkeys establishing the link between human imaging and monkey electrophysiology


Prof. dr. Rufin Vogels

Shape representations in macaque inferior temporal cortex


Prof. dr. André Goffinet

Genetic determinants of mouse brain development: the Reelin signalling pathway


Prof. em. dr. Jean-Marie Maloteaux

Biochemical basis of the neurotoxicity in neurodegenerative diseases (focus on glutamate transporters and amyloid peptide toxicity)


Prof. dr. Pierre Maquet

Part one: States of altered consciousness.
Part two: Controlled processes and automatic processes, in physiological and pathological conditions


Prof. dr. Gustave Moonen

Cellular and molecular strategies in the regeneration of the nervous system


Dr. Laurence Ris

Study of the mechanisms underlying vestibular compensation, a model of brain plasticity

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