Activities 2022

Thursday 28 April 2022 at 15h00


Academic session at the Royal Palace in Brussels

Scientific awards 2022 of the Q.E.M.F.

Presentation of the prizes:

  • Viscountess Valine de Spoelberch prize € 100.000
    Prof. Bommer Guido, MD, PhD – UCLouvain - Institut de Duve
  • Ernest Solvay prize € 25.000
    Walgrave Hannah, PhD Student in Biomedical Sciences – KU Leuven
  • Janine & Jacques Delruelle prize € 12.500
    Dr. Bertoglio Daniele, PhD – UAntwerpen - MICA



By Pascal Derkinderen

Professor of Neurology, Nantes University, Neurology Department and Inserm U1235

MD in Neurology and PhD in Molecular and Cellular Neuropharmacology.

"What we have learned about Parkinson’s disease in the past forty years?"


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