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Projets de recherche universitaire 2020-2022 subventionnés par la F.M.R.E.




Prof. dr. Sarah Weckhuysen

Study and targeted treatment development for epileptic encephalopathies using 2D and 3D human induced plupripotent stem cell-derived neuronal cultures

KU Leuven

Prof. dr. Pierre Vanderhaeghen (VIB)

Deciphering the mechanisms underlying intellectual deficiency and autism spectrum disorders by cellular modelling in human neurons in vivo


Prof. dr. Lieve Moons

Oligodendrocytes in Wolfram syndrome: bystanders or partners in crime?


Prof. dr. Thomas Voets (VIB)

Unraveling the cellular and molecular basis of noxious cold sensing


Prof. dr. Ir. Simon De Meyer

Unravelling the thrombo-inflammatory role of von Willebrand factor in neurodegeneration after ischemic stroke


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